Habitat Projects

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Voluntari Irlanda la Oradea

Big hearted youth build homes and characters

Over 50 volunteers, the majority of them high school students, help in building social housing. Twenty-one youth from Northern Ireland, helped by students from two important schools in Oradea, National…

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100 young volunteers build social housing

Three schools from Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland send 100 volunteers to Bihor to help in building Habitat houses! 45 Irish students, 15 Scots and 32 volunteers of various nationalities from…

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German volunteers-Apr2015-cover

15 volunteers from Germany build a house in just 5 days

This week they are speaking German in the Pojoca family’s yard, a poor family from Bunteşti! A team of 15 volunteers from Germany arrived on Monday morning in Bunteşti to…

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