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compania de apa oradea -2017

The Oradea Water Company has opened the tap to volunteering

40 employees of the Oradea Water Company have celebrated the company’s anniversary being volunteers to build housing for low-income families On Friday, 21st July, 40 employees of the Oradea Water…

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They swapped their keyboards with a cement mixer and their mice with pliers

45 employees from Smartware in Oradea, most of them IT people, worked for a day building homes for the needy Friday, 14th July, 45 employees from Smartware in Oradea left…

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Corporate volunteering is on the rise in Oradea

20 employees from Sykes in Oradea, volunteered at the home of a family with 6 children This weekend, Habitat pentru Umanitate Beius has received the help of 20 volunteers from…

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